Name: Azizi Bahauddin
Title: Professor Dr.
Current post:

  • Lecturer In Interior Design
  • Director


  • School Of Housing, Building & Planning
  • Creative Design House

Related Experience:

AZIZI BAHAUDDIN was trained as an architect and had worked in the architectural field for 7 years before embarking into the academic world 16 years ago. He is currently the Director the Creative Design House of USM and a lecturer in Interior Design at the School of Housing, Building & Planning, USM after serving as the Head of the Interior Design Programme, the Deputy Dean (Academic) for the School of the Housing, Building and Planning, USM and the Director of the Strategic Communications Office, USM. His main research areas are focusing on Design and Culture specifically on the Exhibition Design/Interior Design; Art and Design especially on Cultural Issues on Ethnography and Phenomenology; and in Architectural and Cultural Heritage. His main passion is to investigate into how cultural values influence the built environment especially in the embellishments, the details, the space planning, and the customs, rituals and philosophy that are associated with the architecture. Ultimately, it is the research on the design and cultural issues that stylize the architecture.

He has published over 180 publications with over 110 titles that were reviewed under high impact factor journals. Most of his journal titles revolved around design and culture related to architecture. He is now studying on traditional architecture of the Southeast Asia region by looking into cultural influences that govern the way the architecture was shaped. Among the researches were on the Rumah Gajah Menyusu of Kedah, Rumah Melaka, Rumah Adat Minangkabau in western Sumatera, Rumah Tradisional Negeri Sembilan, Rumah Baba-Nyonya of Melaka and Penang, Rumah Panjang Rungus of Sabah, the courtyard house of Jordan, the Masjid Agung Banten, traditional Malay spa and currently investigating on the influence of Feng Shui in traditional Chinese architecture – the Hokkien clan.

Other achievements apart from researching into traditional architecture, he has produced 5 PhD Graduates and 18 Master’s students and currently supervising 3 PhD students and 3 Master’s students. He has also won 43 awards for Exhibition Design competing nationally and internationally.




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